O LIVE Products now at Voodoo Lily Café Deli

Voodoo Lily Café Deli now stock O LIVE products – Olive Oil, Olives, Tapenade and Chocolates!
O-LIVE was created by Cedric Jaffe who has a passion for producing the tastiest premium quality olives that are filled with natural goodness. In 2004 he began curing olives using an ancient Greek recipe. Selecting only the finest quality olives, cultivated in the Cape, together with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, he experimented with various combinations of herbs and spices. These sensational, unique flavours are the result and it is his greatest pleasure to share them with you. His journey with olives continues as he constantly develops new and delicious variations. However his basic principles remain unchanged. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used in all his O LIVE products.

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